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  • KISS Rock City is a free to play stardom game. Play your way through the unique and hilarious story and with a little help from the world famous KISS you will hopefully find fame as a rock 'n' roll Superstar. Play rock concerts, hang out with your band members, evolve your own style and much more! Watch the trailer above and scroll through the screenshots of the game to get a little look at what awaits you! If you are up to the challenge!
  • KISS are 100% behind the app and Gene has even played the game! Everything about KISS Rock City is approved by the band so that the fans get the best possible Rock Star experience.
  • KISS Rock City is a free to play game. However there are some customization items that can only be bought with Black Diamonds, our premium currency, which you will have to pay for. Also there are certain offers in the game that can be bought with real money. That said, you don't need to spend any money to enjoy KISS Rock City and you will always be asked permission before making any purchase.
  • We are sorry that you have come across a problem while playing KISS Rock City and we want to find a solution as quick as possible. While in the game go into the Options menu in the bottom left hand corner and click on "Contact Support". You will then be given the option to send our support team an email that includes your unique user id. Please make sure to add any information that may be helpful and check that your email address is valid so we can reply to your enquiry. If for some reason this doesn't work then please email us by using the contact email below. Don't forget to tell us as much as possible about the problem you are experiencing. Anything you can tell us will help us help you quicker! Please note that our support team will only respond during European office hours.
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